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Big Social Data for Social and Information Scientists

Publication Type:

Workshops Organized


Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship, Dallas, Texas (2013)


Title: Big Social Data for Social and Information Scientists
Organizer(s): Sean P. Goggins, Christopher Mascaro, Nora McDonald, Alan Black & Peppo Valetto
Our proposed workshop is focused on helping to build Big Social Data collection, management, analysis and visualization research competencies in the iSchool Community. Over the past six years our team has developed an end-to-end data collection, management, storage and visualization system. We aim to share our strategies, methodological approaches, tools and experiences in a hands on workshop focused on data that participants are interested in. We propose three paths to participation in order to assist a wide range of scholars in the development of their own approaches to Big Social Data, and to initiate the development of a discourse community within the iSchool caucus. First, participants who are curious about Big Social Data, but do not yet have well formed research questions, will be provided with public data sets we have collected from Twitter to demonstrate how big data can be used to answer a diverse set of research questions. Second, participants may submit research questions and a set of corresponding search terms in advance of the workshop. For these participants, we will use our existing Twitter data collection infrastructure, called TwitterZombie, to collect public data on their behalf under our existing IRB at Drexel University. Third, participants may choose to submit their own data.

To submit your requests for data or to express interest in participation, we ask you to email search terms (or proposed data) and candidate research questions to: