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Introduction to Data Science


Syllabus For Course


Download Base R for your Operating System
RStudio - A Slightly Friendlier Way to Interact with R
Lighside - Maching Learning Made Easier
Gephi for Visualization

Setting up Python

download python from

easy_install ipython[zmq,qtconsole,notebook,test]

#r library connector
easy_install rpy2

Python Package Installer
sudo easy_install pip

sudo pip install python-mysqldb

BIGMAC:~ sgoggins$ sudo python build
BIGMAC:~ sgoggins$ sudo python install

BIGMAC:~ sgoggins$ sudo pip install requests requests-oauthlib mysql-connector-python

Starting iPython

ipython notebook --notebook-dir=/Volumes/sean-drive/new_dropbox/Dropbox/09.\ \ Teaching/Intro\ to\ Data\ Science/info480/week1
** Where the notebook-dir is set to the directory where you have downloaded or setup your project at