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Conference Proceedings
N. McDonald and Goggins, S., Performance and Participation in Open Source Software on GitHub, ACM SIGCHI, vol. Extended Abstracts. pp. 139-144, 2013.PDF icon PDF (339.22 KB)
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C. Mascaro, Magee, R., and Goggins, S., Not Just a Wink and a Smile: An Analysis of User-Defined Success in Online Dating, iConference 2012. Toronto, Ontario, 2012.PDF icon PDF (665.67 KB)
S. Goggins, Galyen, K., and Laffey, J., Network Analysis of Trace Data for the Support of Group Work: Activity Patterns in a Completely Online Course, ACM Group 2010. ACM, Sanibel Island, FL, pp. 107 - 116, 2010.PDF icon PDF (1.12 MB)
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W. Xing, Wadholm, B., and Goggins, S., Learning Analytics in CSCL with a Focus on Assessment: An Exploratory Study of Activity Theory-Informed Cluster Analysis, Learning Analytics. ACM, Indianapolis, IN, 2014.PDF icon PDF (910.25 KB)
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S. Goggins, Designing CSCL at Work for Rural IT Workers: The Special Considerations of Geographical Isolation, CSCL at Work: Workshop at ACM Group 2010. Sanibel Island, FL, 2010.
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S. P. Goggins, Collaboration in Isolation: Bridging Social and Geographical Boundaries in Two Rural Technology Firms, iConference. Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship, Dallas, Texas, 2013.PDF icon PDF (331.95 KB)
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C. Mascaro and Goggins, S. P., Brewing Up Citizen Engagement: The Coffee Party on Facebook, Communities & Technologies, 2011. ACM, Brisbane, Australia , pp. 11-20, 2011.PDF icon PDF (294.26 KB)
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