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Games for Learning Programmer Position at Missouri

Info Science & Learning Tech

Job Description

The School of Information Science and Learning Technology is seeking an individual to work on a grant funded project devloping an innovative 3D virtual learning system for science education. The learning system, called Mission HydroSci (MHS), will help middle school students learn and demonstrate science competencies in a fun, engaging and experiential game-based system. This position announcement is for the hiring of a serious game (learning game) development specialist for the Mission HydroSci project. This is specialized professional work involving the application of computer-technology to the solutions of problems to develop and implement computer programs that automate processes and originate required reporting and achieve desired user-defined, operating results. Position will be responsible for: Performing programming and analysis work to develop MHS using C# and the Unity toolkit for 3D systems, Assisting project team in defining system requirements and specifications and problem solving for best ways to implement MHS code, Maintaining appropriate documentation on MHS and associated systems, Devising program verification methods and conducting system tests, And maintaining server environments and assisting project leader in specifying and testing operating environments, such as hardware and network configurations.

Preferred Qualifications

Degree in learning technologies, computer science, or related design field; Experience in designing virtual learning environments; Experience in designing games or simulations; Knowledge of games, game design and serious game design.

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